WhatsApp Tricks in Hindi 
whatsapp, world ka sabse popular messaging platform hai. whatsapp ke importance aur bahut jyada use hone ke karan aaj kal lagbhag har kisi android user ke mobile phone me whatsapp application install hota hai. lekin bahut se whatsapp users ko iske tools or fearture ke baare me puri aur sahi jankari nahi hoti hai. aaj aapko iss post me whatsapp ke top 12 majedaar (awesome) tips & tricks ki jankari milega.

WhatsApp Tricks in Hindi
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(WhatsApp has now become world’s top leading messaging platform.  Now more and more people have started using WhatsApp.  But, a large number of its users are not aware of all important features and tools that WhatsApp offer . So Today i am goin to share top 12 tips and tricks for all Whatsapp users.)

WhatsApp Tricks in Hindi

1. Type Bold & Italics letters in your messages-

To type bold letter, put the word in between two asterisks symbols like this - *bold*
and to type italics, add an underscore before and after the word like this - _italics_.

2. Mention people in a group conversation

group chat me @ key press kare. isase sabhi group chat member ke naam pop up ho jayenge. aur aap unme se kisi ko bhi choose kar sakte hai.

(If you want to direct your replies at particular person’s message in a whatsapp group , you can direct your replies by mentioning them in your message. Hit the ‘@’ key in the group chat and names of all the participants in the group chat will pop up, so that you can select whom you want to mention in the message.)

3. Hide the message preview in notifications

To hide message preview notification notification,  you need to go to WhatsApp Settings > Notifications and turn off ‘Show Preview’.

4.Turn off read receipts and last seen

When people send you messages, they can see if you read them or when was the last time you were online.  But there is an option in WhatsApp to turn off the both. 
you can do so by going to Settings > Accounts > Privacy.

5. Change your mobile number without loss of chats
 To change your mobile number  you should go to the settings >Account> Change Number option. 

6. Star the Messages to retrieve them later-

message ko kuchh second ke liye press karke rakhe. isase ek menu open hoga usme se star option ko select kar le.

( sometime when you want to refer to an old message that someone sent you a while ago, then you need to scroll and scroll back till you find them.  you can just star them for easy access.

To star a message , long press the message just to find the pop up menu with options to star, reply, forward and so. And you can access them by just going into the person’s info, where starred messages are grouped.)

7. Disable auto-download

To disable auto downloads,  choose what to download and what not to by going in WhatsApp settings > Data and Storage Usage.

8. Mark conversations unread

kabhi kabhi message aata hai to ham uska turant reply nhi kar paate. yeh bhi possible hai ki ham unn message ka reply krna bhul jayenge.  yaad rakhane ke liye aap uss message ko Unread mark kar sakte hai. jisase jab aapko baad me time mile to aap uka reply kar sake.

Unread mark karne ke liye message thread par left to right swipe kare.  (To mark conversation unread, swipe from left to right over the message thread in the WhatsApp inbox.)

9. Restore deleted messages-

app ko uninstall karke dubara se install kare. isase aapko 7 din tak ke purane message waapas mil jayenge. 

(To recover deleted message, all you have to do uninstall  the WhatApp app from your phone and then install it again allow the app to restore all the conversations from recent backup.
But it will help you to recover only 7 days old messages.)

10. Mute notifications from groups (or contacts)-

agar aap group se message ke notification nhi paana chahte hai to aap uske group info me jakar notification silent kar sakte hai.

(you need to go to info of group or contact. you can silent the notifications from that person or a group.)

11. Forward messages to multiple contacts at once-

message ko kuchh secod tak press kare. fir popup menu se forward option ko select kar lijiye.

(you can forward messages to your numerous contacts at once by long pressing and choosing forward from the pop-up menu. then you will see a checklist with your contacts and you can select to whom you want to forward the message.)

12. Edit pictures in WhatsApp-
whatsapp me attachment button par click karke image editing tool ka use kar sakte hai. jab aap photo kisi ko send karte hai to aapko uss samay photo ka basic editing (crop, text , doodle, emoji etc)ka option aata hai.

(You can also do basic photo editing in whatsapp . This feature is for the pictures you want to send someone. You can access photo editing tool by hitting the attachment button and choosing the picture you want to send. It allows you to crop, type a text, doodle over the image and adding emoji.)

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