How to Extract and Copy Text from any Image?

Extract & copy text from Image Online?

In this post you will learn about how to extract and copy text from image/picture on your PC. At some point in time, you must have found some image that has some encouraging words written on it, and you want to share those words with your friends and family in text format. Typing the whole bunch of letters sounds so quixotic and irksome. Apart from that, many of you might have documents on image format. And at some point of time, you feel the need of getting all the text out of that image file. Again typing is not an option as it will not only be time-consuming but also prone to errors while copying everything up. 

So, in order to make things easier and reckless, there are a number of services and gags that will allow you to extract and copy text from image online allowing you to copy text from image online as well. Thus, in order to help you out, we have listed three of the most facile and rudimentary methods that will get you all the text you want from any type of image, along with making it a charm for you to copy text from image software without any progeny.

How to copy text from image online?

Method No.1) 
Extract text from Image Online using the Project Naptha Extension

This is a great extension that enables anyone to copy text from image online using their state of the art algorithms. This works like a charm and anyone with a computer or laptop with the legendary Google Chrome browser can enjoy this trick. Not only does this extract text from image online but also enables the user to copy text from image online as well. So, if you want to use this extension, follow the below steps thoroughly.

Steps to Use Project Naptha:

Step I. If you are not using the Chrome browser than first off all download and install it from here 

If already installed chrome browser then simply download the Project Naptha from the chrome web store and install it.

Step II. A popup will appear, simply click the "Add Extension" button and it will start installing on your chrome browser. After that, all you need to do is open any image you want to extract text from and select convert option.

Step III. Now, simply right click on the text and select copy text. That's it! You have successfully extracted text from image online.

Method No.2)

Using FREE online OCR service/website for the extraction of text from any image.

If none of the above methods excite you, then watch out for this last but not least method of extracting the text from any image. It is a simple yet effective method and needs a working internet connection.

Step I. Visit the online ocr website on your PC or Laptop.

Step II. There will be three options present viz. Upload file, Select language, and Convert. Firstly, click on select file button.

How to Extract and Copy Text from any Image

Step III. Now, select the desired image from the windows file selection window that you want to convert.

Step IV. After your image is uploaded, choose the language of your text. In our case, it's English.

Step V. Now, click the "Convert" button and Viola! your text is ready. You might also be presented a captcha before conversion for security purpose.

Method 3) 

Copy text from image software with the help of Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is present almost on every single PC and laptops. I can bet you, many of you might never have opened it even once in your lifetime. Those who don't know that Microsoft OneNote comes with a built-in Optical Character Reader (OCR) and it works flawlessly. So let us find out how you can get any text extracted from any image you want.

Step I. Open Microsoft OneNote from either the Start menu or by searching it on the windows search bar.

Step II. Now, click on the Insert Tab as displayed on the screenshot, and from there click on the Pictures menu and then click on "From Files" option and select the desired image you want to extract text from.

Step III. Now, simply right click on the selected image and select the "Copy Text from picture" option.

Step IV. After copying the text from the image, you can now easily paste it any text editor such as notepad and use it according to your needs.

Finally, you have mastered the art of text extraction and can easily extract text from any image with just a few click of your mouse. After the extraction, you can use it as you want or send the text to anyone you like.

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